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Andrew's wiki server

This is Andrew Swaine's wiki server. It is not for public access, so if I haven't pointed you here and given you a password then you won't find much of use.

To change your password, go to TWiki.ChangePassword.

If you need to log out and log on again as a different user then I'm afraid there is no way to do this at present other than closing down your browser and restarting it. If you have access to more than one web on this site then I suggest you Register for an account in your own name and I will enable it to have access to all the appropriate areas.


A "web" in this context is twiki-speak for a section of the site. At present we have the following:

Public webs:

  • Main: Where you are now. Holds information on users, groups, etc.
  • TWiki: Documentation on how to use twiki.
  • Sandbox: Work out how to use twiki by playing here. You can make as much of a mess as you like.

Private webs (if I haven't given you a password or enabled your account for these, you can't see anything in them):

More stuff in the TWiki Web:

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